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Welcome To Topan Experience

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step”…

Topan takes you on a magical journey… a rediscovery of the wild and wonderful Sri Lankan outdoors. In today’s fast-paced world of urban and concrete jungles, people have lost touch with nature, the brilliance of the sunset, the calm and craftiness of the wild animals and the primate jungle life. Topan offers a rare insight into the jungle with every individual taking away a bit of the forest and making it their own. This Eco-lodge derives its name from the native word “Thopi” which means “You”, perfectly implying the experiences and adventures offered here are all about You… and what you want.

Natural, hot rainforests coupled with the warmth and hospitality of SriLanka is an irresistible combination. Topan’s most compelling character is the natural setting, activities with low carbon footprint, and focus on environmental sustainability with involvement of the local community.

Watch what people have to say about the Topan Yala Safari

The leopards and multitude of animals such as elephant, deers, boars and many more dwelling here in close proximity of nature make for an adventurous experience. 

Romantic picnics and dinners under the night sky, a smoking barbeque and bonfire with a bottle of wine by the side make up for a truly ‘loving’ experience.

When you are hungry, allow us to pamper your tastebuds with sumptuous Sri Lankan cuisine, served up with a generous dose of the humble, next door Sri Lankan hospitability.

Witness majestic leopards, elephants, buffalo, sambar, mugger crocodiles and many other species that make Yala their home, in their natural habitat. You’ll also catch a glimpse of some of over 215 bird species inhabiting the park.

Trekking along the unpaved footpaths of the forest, through scrub and swirling vines you’ll encounter chattering monkeys, dancing peafowls, exotic birds and countless reptiles. Also, who knows, even a leopard?

Sleep under the stars, comforted by the cool breeze, lulled by the whispers of gentle nocturnal animals and the whistles of beasts, capture the essence of true nomadic Sri Lankan living… in air conditioned luxury.


What People are Saying

“Great Place!”

“We had a good time here at Topan Experience. Bad weather on day one but the second day was just amazing. Saw a sloth bear during the safari. Good chef, staff and the manager.

Tom Espen Nilsen & Trond Nilsen

Over the Top Experience”

“Thank you for the lovely stay. We enjoyed it so much. Thank you for the fantastic birthday party for our girl. All the staff were friendly and very helpful. We really loved it here.

Heidi, Jesper, Aiah & Rosa

“Highly Recommended”

“Amazing rooms and the most beautiful sky. Food was great and nice service with fresh cold towels and the guys always meet you with a smile..

6 people from around the world

Amazing visit to Yala!

“Topan Experience was the highlight of our visit to Sri Lanka. My wife and I were very happy with our stay here and very pleased with the arrangements made by the Topan Team. The food was absolutely delicious.”

Nate & Karen

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