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A true passion for the Sri Lankan jungle led 2 completely distinct people to come together and create the ‘Topan’ story.


Our Story

Where It All Began

The story of Topan begins with its founders, who are as much a part of the jungle as the jungle is a part of them and their vision to merge luxurious living with the adventure of the wild.

Thus began Topan, a unique hospitality concept that allows you to be one with nature. From the moment you embark on your jungle adventure, our focus is on ensuring that each moment is one to savor. Our expert rangers will ensure that your jungle excursions give you the best sightings and vantage points for the most mesmeric forest experience. From romantic picnics under the exquisite top weave of grand old trees and tranquil fishing expeditions exploring foamy rivers to set your sights on the majestic Sri Lankan leopard, Topan offers you the best of the jungle with the luxury and indulgence of high-end hospitality to bring you an exquisite balance of luxury in the wilderness.

Conservation Manifestation

Topan is founded on the ideology of creating a unique hospitality service that seamlessly melds with its surroundings, allowing our guests to be one with nature. One of the most important aspects of this is ensuring that every measure is taken to ensure the conservation of the pristine and pure natural habitat and boosting local industry. In the forest, our veteran trackers will take every precaution to give you the best excursions without impacting the surroundings.

In order to give you a gastronomical adventure of texture, flavor and color, the freshest of ingredients are sourced mostly from local farmers and fishermen and prepared using traditional methods so as to give you the most authentic experience. We believe in nature conservation and to this effect, we choose to refrain from the use of non-degradable or non-recyclable disposable materials. Recycling plays a major role in our conservation efforts and we take utmost care to use compost bins to turn our food waste to organic fertilizer. All our power requirements are fulfilled through solar power panels and our water needs are met by RO plants. Our aim is to give you the most luxurious facilities, world class hospitality and memories that will last you a lifetime without leaving our footprint in the forest.

Community Development

We believe that for a tree to flourish, it must strengthen its roots. Topan is heavily invested in building and developing the community around us. This includes both social and economic development. At the heart of Topan, are the farmers, fishermen, builders, carpenters and local tradesmen that contribute to our daily operations. From the delectable cuisine cooked with love to the ornate furniture in your luxury nomadic living space, we use locally sourced organic produce, rural artisans and craftsmen, local raw material and employ traditional environmentally friendly practices. Our “One Tree” campaign, aims at systematically planting and growing trees in the surrounding area.

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