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The jungle offers you a multitude of opportunities for adventure and interaction with the wild. From thick bush to rugged terrain to humid dense undergrowth, the jungle experience will inspire you and allow you to live through days that no city can replicate. Whether it is bird or game watching to camping in the wild or simply hiking through the thick bush, you can choose from a plethora of activities that can keep you on your toes throughout your stay. Game drives allow you the opportunity to witness wildlife from up close from four wheel drives while Bush walking creates adventures on foot. At the Photography Excursions, Shoot away and take a piece of Yala with you, captured in your cameras and hearts forever.


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Adventure camps give you a break from the monotony of city dwelling and allow your senses to gain a fresh perspective. At the adventure camps, witness the basic jungle living and gain a sense of how the tribes and our own forefathers  lived in harmony with the beasts of the wild. The sense of uncertainty and adventure is worthwhile experiencing as it is unlike any other you may have had in this lifetime.

Game Drives

The game drives introduce you to the wildlife at close range. You get to witness the Sri Lankan leopard besides other wild animals and birds.

Bush Walks

Witness the jungle at a slow pace with our special Bush Walks. Encounter chattering monkeys, exotic birds and reptiles, stop to smell the flowers or collect berries, it opens up a whole new world for you.

Photography Excursions

The Sri Lankan leopard is no stranger to the camera and you’ll have the opportunity of a lifetime to photograph this lithe, elegant beast at its best. Herds of majestic elephant, buffalo, sambar and more roam freely across the park and Yala’s resident amphibians, birds and reptiles are great subjects for the wildlife enthusiast.

Local Village Experience

From classes in Sri Lankan cooking, fishing on the lake, farming with the farmers to traditional dancing lessons, the options are endless. You can even spend a day of meditation and nourish your soul at the Kirinda rock temple.

Romantic Settings

Display your romantic side with the flavour of the wild and create a magical treat for your sweetheart. Topan takes pride in making the arrangements for a unique romantic get-away in true jungle style.


Adventure camps give you a break from the monotony of city dwelling and allow your senses to gain a fresh perspective. Play board games, read books on wildlife, meditate, listen to the chirping birds and relax.

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